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Ministry simply doesn't happen without phenomenal people like yourself, humbly raising your hand and inviting God to move through you. Thank you for your investment in life-change and community at Crossroads Church! 

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Our goal is for Small Groups to create environments that emphasize relational connection and spiritual growth.
  • The ideal size for most Small Groups is 8-12 people and the ideal space to meet for most Small Groups would be in a home. If meeting in a home does not work for your Small Group, all campuses have day and evening times available for Small Groups to meet. There are also lots of places within your community that would be a great place for your Small Group to meet, be creative.
  • Small Group semesters are 11 weeks long. The length of your Small Group is determined by you, we do ask that Small Groups meet a minimum of six weeks.
  • When online registration opens, be sure you and your co-leader register for your group.
  • Email is the best way for our team to keep in touch with you so please make sure our emails don’t get lost in your junk folder.

Small Groups at Crossroads are divided into the four following categories, you will need to select the type of Small Group when registering your Small Group.


  • Key Focus is personal care.
  • These groups offer community and support for those experiencing a difficult season of life, such as: Divorce Care, Cancer Companions, GriefShare, etc.


  • Key Focus is relational connection.
  • These groups are built around common or shared interests, such as: empty nesters, singles, movies, exercise, photography, knitting, etc.


  • Key Focus is personal growth.
  • These groups are generally themed around a theological or discipleship concept, book or video series.


  • Key Focus is serving.
  • These groups unite around meeting needs whether locally or through global missions.

Thank you for stepping out in faith, God does some of his best work through those willing to trust Him.

Online Catalog Form Closed January 26th.