For Small Group Leaders

Small groups are relational spaces where connections are created and leadership is unleashed.

(1) Content(about)

  • A book of the Bible (ex: John, Genesis, Revelation)

  • A Bible topic (ex: love of God, evangelism, spiritual gifts, etc.)

(2) Cause(that)

  • Ministry — serves people inside the church (ex: ATOH, Ushers, Bundles of Love)

  • Outreach — serves people outside the church (ex: FMSC, Urban Venture, widow visits)

(3) Community(with)

  • Affinity — people who are like me (ex: singles, young married, empty nesters)

  • Interest — People who like what I like (ex: basketball, movies, exercise)

(4) Care(for)

  • People who share my struggle (ex: AA, Celebrate Recovery, Depression)

  • People who share my experience (ex: GriefShare, Cancer Companions, Sexual Assault)

  • People who share my situation (ex: DivorceCare, Hope for Hurting Parents)

Online Catalog Form Due January 21st.