Crossroads has amazing teams of people who know that each of us need a little help from our friends. God has blessed us with many talents and resources and we want to share those gifts with others. Our Care Ministry Teams do just that! We want to see each of us cared for by each other.

Our teams are available to our members, attendees, and their friends and family. In fact, they are available to anyone! Each of the teams are made up of volunteers who enjoy helping others.

To request help, click on the form below and we will respond within 24 hours.  (You can also volunteer with any of our teams by filling out our volunteer form if you are interested in joining one of the teams!)




If you are recovering from surgery or illness, just had a baby, or maybe you are going through a difficult time, time for making meals all but disappears! Our Meals Team would love to help you with a few meals each week.


If you need help moving, our Moving Team will assist by providing strong and capable people to move your boxes and furniture.  Widows, elderly, and single parents are our priority.   Availability and size of move is dependent on volunteers.


If you need help trying to figure out how to balance a budget or get out of debt, we have many resources available to you. From small groups to online resources, we want you to enjoy the benefits of financial freedom. 

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We all go through tough times.   And sometimes we need a professional to help us navigate our way.  Whether it’s a personal issue, marriage issue, family struggle, or addiction, it’s better to get help sooner rather than later.   Crossroads want to help you.  We have pastors that can offer prayer support and Biblical direction or referrals to a few Christian Counseling organizations.  

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If you are a single parent, widow, elderly or physically need help with some general repairs around your home, our Work Team would love to help.    You provide the materials and we’ll provide the tools.  Some financial assistance may be available.


If you need encouragement, comfort, or prayer, our Visitation Team would love to come and visit you in the hospital, a care facility or your home.


If you need prayer after any service or during the week, our Prayer team would love to pray for you.  Each of our prayer requests receive a card from our Cards Team. 

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Benevolence is available for our members and regular attenders to be a temporary help in a time of crisis.  This one time gift will be used to help with basic needs.