Crossroads has amazing teams of people who know that each of us need a little help from our friends.  God has blessed us with many talents and resources and we want to share those gifts with others.  Our Care Ministry Teams do just that!  We want to see each of us cared for by each other.

Many of us struggle with making ends meet and living within our budget.   Sometimes we are trying to figure out a way to live differently so that we can be more generous with our time and money.   

Crossroads wants to provide you with resources and people who can help you get from where you to finding financial freedom!! 


Financial Peace University   Crossroads has a small group each semester where you will learn how to create a plan for your money.   There is video teaching, class discussions, and small group activities.  This a great way to get your finances in order. 

Crown Financial  Crown has great online resources for creating a budget and general tools for financial planning.    These are free and always available for your use!

Financial Mentoring  There are a group of volunteers who really understand budgeting and finances and they are willing to meet with individuals or couples who are wanting to get some one on one accountability and training.