Family Ministry

We are better together! We believe that God created two powerful influences on the planet – the church and the home. They both exist because God initiated them. They both exist because God desires to use them to demonstrate His plan of redemption and restoration. If they work together they can potentially make a greater impact than if they work alone. They need each other. Too much is at stake for either one to fail. Their primary task is to build God’s Kingdom in the heart of men and women, sons and daughters.

Who we are: By working and communicating together and combining children, youth and adults ministries into one cohesive team, we can work towards one clear vision for spiritual formation for the family. We really are better together! And when home and church work together with a shared goal and vision and when home and church work together with a shared goal and vision (children/teens/adults that love Jesus and do Jesus-like-stuff) we will have greater impact.  


What we do: Our goal is to encourage, equip and support parents as they lead their kids towards a relationship with Jesus. We partner with the home in a variety of ways – through seminars, Spiritual Formation classes, Family Faith Night, small group options for parents, take home resources for parents of kids and teens and open dialogue (via updates and emails) from our leaders.