Family Faith Night

Through Family Faith Night, we want to provide families with intentional time together (to share and grow in their faith), as well as the tools and ideas on how to continue this journey outside of church. We also provide a dinner option, to make it easier for families.

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Why Family Faith Night? 

Families are often pulled apart as they go about their separate activities (even in the church) we want to provide intentional time together for families.

We do this in a variety of ways:

Family Movie Night—We show a movie on the big screen and serve popcorn or other snacks. We tie in an object lesson to the movie and open our time in prayer. All movies are approved and we give parents notice on what will be shown. We often send home discussion guides for families to keep the conversations going at home.

Date Night—We want to give parents an opportunity to connect with their spouse and other parents in our faith community. Childcare is available for your children on these evenings. Registration for Childcare is required. 

Family Fun—Sometimes it’s nice to just kick back and have some fun together as a family.

Family Service
—Studies show that kids that serve with their parents are more likely to have a faith that sticks into adulthood. We want to give families the opportunity to serve and give back.

Family Retreat
—A winter retreat for families, includes meals, lodging, games, teaching time and tons of winter outdoor activities. Highlight of the year!!

Why Dinner? 

Dinner time provides a rare opportunity for the whole family to gather and converse about the day.  It provides the occasion for parents to get involved in their children’s lives and build a strong family bond that children can lean on for the rest of their lives. Dinner time can help build close families.

We believe that connecting families to other families builds a great community—one that benefits children and adults alike. Sharing a meal together with other families gives this opportunity to connect. 

Dinner is optional, it is served from 6-6:30pm most Friday nights. Suggested donation:       $15 per family


Dinner Payment Options


Payment online: here

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