Eagan Missions

At Crossroads, through missions, we want to build and support relationships that create change; change in you by building your relationship with Jesus and change in our community and local ministry partners by supporting them and the work they are doing.

Serving our communities at a local level is a great way for you to respond to our ministry partners’ needs and learn more about what God is doing in our communities.

The following list is not exhaustive and there are many opportunities throughout the year that are listed on our events page.

Open Door and Project Pantry exist to serve those in need and eliminate hunger in Dakota County. This is the largest non-profit food shelf in Dakota County. We assist in volunteering at the Pantry and hosting a community garden providing fresh produce for all clients.

Every 3.5 hours, a baby in Minnesota goes home with a free bundle of 25 items produced by Bundles Of Love. Without this bundle, the baby would have nothing - no clothing, no bedding, and no diaper bag. The parents frequently are unable to provide these basic needs and our volunteers have come forward to help!