International Justice Mission

International Justice Mission (IJM) is a human rights agency that secures justice for victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression. IJM lawyers, investigators and aftercare professionals work with local governments to ensure victim rescue, to prosecute perpetrators and to strengthen the community and civic factors that promote functioning justice systems.

In nearly 20 communities throughout the developing world, IJM protects the poor from violence by partnering with local authorities to:

  • Rescue victims
  • Bring criminals to justice
  • Restore survivors
  • Strengthen justice systems

IJM fights sex trafficking, slavery, sexual violence, property grabbing, police abuse of power, and citizenship rights abuse.

IJM pursues both individual cases and systemic change through an innovative model called Justice System Transformation.

95% of IJM’s global team of lawyers, social workers, investigators and other professionals are at work in their own countries—leveraging their deep understanding of the local laws, language and culture in their communities.

The largest organization of its kind, IJM has ongoing operations in nearly 20 communities throughout Africa, Latin America, South and Southeast Asia.  They work directly with local governments in the developing world. They also partner with churches, NGOs and universities to mobilize a global justice movement.

Inspired by God’s call to love all people and to seek justice for the oppressed, IJM protects the poor from violence, without regard to race, religion or any other factor, and seeks to work alongside all people of good will.


IJM Partnership

In 2013 Crossroads sent a mission team to be a part of IJM’s justice system transformation project  by working with local governments to organize and file their land titles – so it’s easier for governments to store and access documents that prove widows own their land. 

Now, land titles can be found in a matter of minutes, rather than days or weeks.
Moving forward, the Uganda team will be continue working on other measures to further protect widows – including writing wills, formalizing marriages, and land documentation. 

In 2014 Crossroads partnered with the IJM field office in Uganda!  In developing the relationship with this field office we are able to pray specifically for the IJM staff members working in Uganda, receive updates and stories of rescue and transformation from the field office. We are excited about the investment in this relationship and look forward to praying for and with the staff members as we continue to be a movement of Jesus like people doing Jesus like stuff, in our communities near and far! 

What is Property Grabbing? 

In Africa, property grabbing often happens after the death of a husband or father, when widows and orphans are particularly vulnerable. Relatives or neighbors quickly divide up the home or land, and the surviving widow or orphans are left homeless and stripped of their belongings. If a widow refuses to leave, she and her children may be chased out violently.

What is IJM Doing to Help?

Rescue Victims: IJM restores widows and orphans to their homes and defend them against ongoing threats of violence.

Bring Criminals to Justice:
 IJM brings criminal cases against perpetrators, particularly where violence, intimidation, or fraud has been used.

Restore Survivors
 IJM provides urgent medical care and counseling, ensure that children can go to school and, where needed, help women begin income-generating projects.

Strengthen Justice Systems: IJM provides training and hands-on mentoring to police and local leaders on the effective enforcement of property grabbing laws.   

How Can We Help?

Prayer for Protection: 
Ask God to protect IJM staff, their families, and the victims of injustice from physical harm and spiritual attack.

Prayer for Perseverance: Ask God to bless IJM staff with perseverance to seek justice and community transformation in the face of opposition, indifference, or corruption. Pray for survivors of oppression, that God would be a constant presence throughout their healing process. 

Prayer For Hope, Love & Joy: Ask God to give IJM staff a great love for one another, for the victims that they serve, and for those they confront. Pray for survivors as they learn to experience safety, love, and community again. Pray that IJM staff would experience Godly joy and hope as they carry out their work. 

Freedom Partner: Donate, make a monthly gift of $24 dollars or more and become a Freedom Partner by clicking here.      

Updates from the Field 

Because of your generous support in 2014, IJM teams around the world protected more people from violence than ever before. Children like Kavitha and Velu (pictured below) are now thriving after being rescued from a life in slavery.

Together, we are making incredible progress in the fight for justice. Here are a few of the accomplishments from 2014:

  • 4,376 rescued from violence and oppression
  • 372 criminals restrained
  • Over 3,700 survivors of violence and their families receiving aftercare from IJM teams

We had the opportunity to talk with Kathryn Wilkes, field director of IJM Uganda to talk about the work that's being done there, and the transformations that have taken place since our team was there in the summer of 2013!