Urban Ventures & CityKid Java 

All of our cafes serve CityKid Java coffee and when you drink CityKid Java, you're putting your money where your values are. CKJ works alongside Urban Ventures Youth Leadership Foundation to support kids and families in breaking the cycle of Generational Poverty. 

Most people think of poverty as lacking financial resources to meet basic living requirements. Families dealing with Generational Poverty are also challenged with three other forms of poverty:

  • Educational Poverty
  • Parental Poverty
  • Spiritual Poverty

The cumulative effect of these different forms of poverty creates the most damaging outcome of Generational Poverty – the constant presence of hopelessness.

Hopelessness is the key factor in creating the cycle – one generation to the next. Without hope and the belief that life can be better, the motivation and energy needed to break the cycle is very low. 

Urban Ventures’ campus is located at the intersection of Lake Street and 4th Avenue South. We work primarily with residents of the West Phillips and Central neighborhoods of South Minneapolis. 

CityKid Java beans are sourced from all over the world and are only the highest quality, 100% Arabica coffee beans. We also pay more than fair trade prices for our coffee so that families in coffee growing communities benefit as well as kids in our community. It is all good from the farm, to your cup! 

Stop by our cafes and enjoy a great cup of coffee that supports a great cause!  Head over to Urban Ventures and volunteer with some amazing kids and adults!