Family Faith Night

Why Family Faith Night?

Today, families find it difficult to intentionally grow in their faith. Many reasons play a part:

  • Families are often pulled apart as they go about their separate activities.
  • Families find it hard to find time to be together to talk, learn, grow and worship as a family
  • Families feel like they do not have the right resources available to teach children about faith
  • Extended families often live in other areas of the country. As a result we lose the knowledge of the previous generations; their lives and faith

Through Family Faith Night, we want to provide families with intentional time together (to share and grow in their faith), as well as the tools and ideas on how to continue this journey outside of church.

  • Dinner time provides a rare opportunity for the whole family to gather and converse about the day. It provides the occasion for parents to get involved in their children’s lives and build a strong family bond that children can lean on for the rest of their lives. Dinner time can help build close families.
  • We believe that connecting families to other families builds a great community—one that benefits children and adults alike. Sharing a meal together with other families gives this opportunity to connect.
  • Dinner is optional, it is served from 6-6:30pm each Friday night. Suggested donation: $10 per family.

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Schedule & Menu

March 2014

  • Mar 7 - Family Fun—Park HS Activity Center, Dinner—Pizza
  • Mar 14 -*No FFN—Spring Break
  • Mar 21 - Family Worship— Jesus & His disciples, Dinner—Pot-luck
  • Mar 28 - Movie Night—Frozen, Dinner— Corn Dogs

April 2014

  • April 4- Family Service—Serve your neighbor, Dinner—Pizza
  • Apr 11 - Family Worship—Jesus’ Death/Res, Dinner– Enchilada Baked
  • Apr 18 - *No FFN—Good Friday
  • Apr 25 - Final Family Faith Night—Camping, Dinner—Hot dogs/Hamburgers *cost $20

What We Do

Week 1 Movie Night
6:00—6:30 Share a meal
6:30—8:00 Movie

Week 2 Family Worship
6:00—6:30 Share a meal
6:30—8:00 Worship/teaching/communion

Week 3 Family Fun Night
6:00—6:30 Share a meal
6:30-8:00 Special event

Week 4 Family Service
6:00—6:30 Share a meal
6:30—8:00 Service Projects

Week 5 Plan your own Family Night

Family Benediction

God, thank you for making us a family.As we go home tonight and start a new week, help us to….

pray together and play together,

study Your Word and live Your Word,

love each other and forgive each other,

serve others and give back to You.

Thank You for being a part of our family. Let our actions this week show others that we are part of Your family.

We love You, Amen.

Information & Contact

Pastor of Family Ministries, Tina Wallace, 651-294-7712