Some Odds and Ends...

Happy March!

The only way I can sum up this update is by calling it “random.” I simply need to dump some random information your way. I’ll move quickly!!

Marcy Baumann is officially our new Campus Pastor in Eagan. She has been with the campus for years and has served in a variety of roles (most recently as Family Pastor). Marcy was chosen after exploring dozens of potential candidates. She has proven her leadership over the past several months after serving as the interim Campus Pastor. Congratulations Marcy!

Crossroads is looking for someone with an accounting background to serve in a key volunteer position starting June 1. Our current Financial Treasurer, Cheryl Norman, is going to be stepping down from this position after serving us so faithfully in a volunteer capacity. We estimate this position is a 15-20 hours per week commitment. Are you semi-retired or retired or simply looking for a key place to plug in? We’d love to talk to you further about this position. Call Michelle Sorenson at the church for more information (651-294-7700).

The Ripple Effect is nearing the 2-year mark. As of today we have sent $70,000 to Urban Ventures to combat poverty in the inner city of Minneapolis, and $150,000 to World Vision for the well projects in Africa. If you’re unfamiliar with this 3-year initiative, go to to learn more about how Crossroads is making ripples here and to the ends of the earth.

Conversation is beginning in regard to adding a 4th worship service at the Woodbury Campus (the Eagan Campus will be adding a 2nd someday soon). In Woodbury we’ve experienced a sizable bump this winter and anticipate another attendance bump after Easter. We’ll be polling you soon to get your input regarding options. For now, the immediate need is to continue to free up space at the 11:15 am service on Sunday.

That’s it for now. It’s Week 5 of GUARDRAILS this weekend. Can’t wait…


Pastor Phil