Out of Print

May 25th, 2018

Hey Crossroads... the heat is on!  Hard to believe we had to cancel church because of snow a little over a month ago!! 

Since you’re probably packing up to go camping, I’ll keep this short.  I want to talk for a few minutes about church business.  Yes, those words go together.  With 4 Crossroads campuses, 40 staff members, and a $4,000,000 budget, we cannot ignore the “business side” of Crossroads. 

In fact, we have a Board of Elders (many are business leaders) who operate as overseers of all things organizational at Crossroads.  On our staff we have an operation’s director, a financial director, and an accountant. 

Are things (especially finances) being managed wisely at Crossroads?  I invite you out to our Annual Business Meeting, so you can see for yourself!  It’s going to be held on May 30, 6:30 pm, at our Woodbury Campus.  A Food Truck will be available for those wanting to grab supper prior to the meeting at 6 pm. 

PLEASE COME!  I want you to see and hear for yourself where the dollars you invest at Crossroads go.  I want you to walk away thinking that the corporate/business side of Crossroads is in good hands.  After all, you are investors…and you have every right to know. 

We promise this won’t be your typical boring church business meeting.  We’ll keep things moving and will have you out the door in less than 90 minutes.  And, childcare is available for free if you register 72 hours in advance.  To do so, follow this link

For those of you NOT camping this weekend (I’ll be in church), we’re going to have a sizzling sermon from the one and only Erik Anderson!  He’s going to put a bow on our 8-week series called I QUIT…and we’ll celebrate Communion together. 

Can’t wait to see you!

Pastor Phil