Out of Print

February 16th, 2018



Hey Crossroads!  

In the midst of all the wrong going on in our country and world, this picture (below) gives me reason to smile.  It was sent our way earlier this week from one of our missionaries.  It’s from the Congo.  Crossroads is partnering with our denomination (Evangelical Covenant Church) and World Vision to bring clean drinking water to our Congolese friends. 

And, yes, each of those folks are wearing a Crossroads 1More t-shirt!  They are all leaders from the water management committees.  Because Crossroads and others in our denomination have stepped up and joined this cause…

- 37,234 people have gained access to clean water.
- 2,329 malnourished children have been supported with care and food in nutrition centers.
- 3,849 children have attended Bible camps. 

I love being a 1More church!  I love the fact that we want to bring change not just in our backyards, but to the ends of the earth.  Crossroads teams, thus far in 2018, have gone to Haiti, Uganda, and most recently Reynosa, Mexico.  Wow!

We “go” because Jesus called us to go, and because all people matter. 

Thanks for giving and investing in our larger mission.  The more you give, the more giving we can be.  On behalf of those who now have water in Congo, "merci mingi" (thank you). 

It’s Week 3 of our winter sermon series on the book of Daniel called Dan’s Dilemma.  Dr. James Brown will be preaching.  And…he promises to do either a “triple axel” or “triple Salchow” as he gets onto the stage.  It’s a don’t-miss-moment!! 

-Pastor Phil