Out of Print

November 16th, 2018

Hello Friends!  One of my favorite books in the Bible is the one written by Jesus’ brother James.  It’s practical.  It’s short (5 chapters).  And, there are pictures (just kidding). 

Actually, I love the book of James because of the focus—real faith.  James says faith is more than intellectual belief.  It’s more than a quiver in your liver or a warm and fuzzy feeling.  Real faith shows itself to be real. 

How?  By its actions.  It’s belief PLUS behavior.  It leaves the church building and does something.  

And that’s exactly what we’re doing with our November “Go Local” project.  We’re partnering with Foster the Love MN to provide placement bags for kids in transition…for kids leaving their homes and going into foster care. 

We want to provide some grace and goodness for these kids in these incredibly difficult seasons.  Hence, the backpacks filled with both necessities and nice things. 


We are currently at approximately 1,000 bags!!  These beautiful bags are currently hanging on walls across our campuses.  I can only imagine the joy they will bring these kids in transition. 

This Sunday is the deadline for bringing in your bag(s).  They will then be delivered to places like St. Joseph’s Home for Children, Children’s Home Society & Lutheran Social Services, Hennepin County Foster Care, etc. and given to kids in need. 

So…go to our new Crossroads App (search Crossroads MN in your app store to download) and click on Foster the Love for more details.  I believe we can hit our audacious goal this weekend!!!! 

AND, it’s Week 2 of our series on the B-I-B-L-E called Text.  I can’t wait to share the message with you.  Come expecting God to move in powerful ways.  See you then!

Pastor Phil