Out of Print

November 22nd, 2017

Hi Crossroads! Thanks for taking a few minutes on this busy day before Thanksgiving to read this update.  I promise to keep this short and sweet.  I’ll sum up everything I want to say in one word:  THANKS! 

Still with me?  If you are, allow me to elaborate. 

THANKS for your generosity. 
     *Because of your generosity, we are launching another Crossroads campus the first weekend of December.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars (literally) have been raised to make this possible. 
     *Because of your generosity, we raised $250,000 in one month to bring city water to the Woodbury campus. 
      *Because of your generosity, the Crossroads “Crazies” (our runners who run to bring clean drinking water) raised over $100,000 for the Covenant Kids Congo water project.  Even our youth event this summer (M.U.U.U.C.E.) netted $1,872 for water for Congo! 
     *Because of your generosity, Crossroads sponsors the MOST children through World Vision of any church in our entire denomination.  In case you’re wondering, there are over 850 churches in the U.S. and Canada in our denomination.  Yes, we’re #1 in sponsorships…even though we have churches far larger than Crossroads. 

I could go on, but I think you get the point.  Crossroads is filled with some of the most generous people on the planet.  Not just with money, but with time and talents. 

Know that we are grateful.  Know that lives in our backyard and to the ends of the earth in Congo and Swaziland are being impacted. 

Enjoy tomorrow.  Enjoy the food, family, and football.  Join me in giving thanks to our generous God. And if you’re in town this weekend, know that we have an amazing worship experience planned along with an amazing message on expressing gratitude.  Hope to see you then.

With gratitude,
Pastor Phil