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Wait For It

We’re all waiting for something. For some “it”.

Christmas is a season of anticipation. Gifts will soon be opened. Family gatherings will soon take place. Galloping about will soon be put on hold. But then what? Will anything change?

The gifts under the tree…the gathering around the table…the break from galloping about…all good things. But the truth is, they’re not enough. We wait for something else. We wait for the day we can say, “My wait is over.”

Wishful thinking? We think not.

Manger Things

It all began (strangely enough) in a manger.  A feeding trough for barnyard animals.  It was there that an Infinite infant was placed.  It was there that a King arrived. If you were God coming to earth, God making your grand appearance to a waiting world, how would you come?  As a helpless baby through the womb of an un-wed teenager?  Would you choose to be wrapped in rags and welcomed by some smelly shepherds?  God did.  God was up to something…and He still is!  

Getting Through What You're Going Through

We are all on a journey. 

Everyone is going through something. It may be an illness, a job search, a messy divorce, infertility, bankruptcy, a season of loss, or a time of searching, doubting, or ________.

Getting through what you're going through is never easy. There's no simple "5 steps to get there quickly" manual. What we do have is the story of a man, Moses, who led the nation of Israel from slavery to freedom. 

Their journey goes down in history as one of the greatest (and most grueling) road trips ever... one that we have much to learn from as we seek to get through what we're going through.

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Dance Moves

Relationships. They are…complicated. And marriage? It’s not for the faint of heart. Doing life with another is like trying to learn to do the tango or salsa. It takes a ton of time, commitment, patience, and practice. That’s why we’re taking 4 weeks to learn to dance better together. Our goal is to “find our relational rhythm”. Our hope is that we will move from stepping on one another’s toes to getting in step. So, Crossroads, let’s get ready to DANCE!

Stand Alone

“Selective sluggardliness.”  Bet you never heard that phrase before!  The truth is, most of us have a critical area of our lives that needs our attention.  Something we need to lean into.  Something we need to start.  Something we need to get back to and bring to a finish.  What’s easy is to procrastinate.  Or make excuses.  Or allow laziness to set in.  What God is calling us to do as we begin this new season, is to lean into the challenge.  To do what the Apostle Paul commanded in Ephesians 5:15-16 “So be careful how you live. Don’t live like fools, but like those who are wise.  Make the most of every opportunity in these evil days.”

Summer of Love

Nothing is talked about (or sung about) more than love.  Do a Google search of the word “love” and you’ll get 2,490,000,000 results!  Do a Bible search, and you’ll find one chapter of one book of the Bible that defines love the best—1 Corinthians 13.  And since love is life’s most important thing, we’re going to spend most of the summer in this “love chapter,” learning how to love like Jesus loved.    

One Thing

Is it possible to come to Crossroads for a long time (for months, for years, or maybe even for decades) and stay the same? Is it possible to attend services each week, listen to great sermons, read your Bible everyday, support the church financially, pray regularly, believe all the right information about God, and not experience any sort of significant transformation? In other words, is it possible to be a part of a church and never change?

The Bible writer James emphatically says, “Yes!” But he also tells us how we can avoid that kind of transformation trap. Join us as we discover the “one thing” you need to know to absolutely change your life!

The God I Never Knew

The Trinity.  God exists in 3 Persons.  Father. Son. Holy Spirit.  If you’ve been around church, you hear a lot about the Father and His Son Jesus.  But…the Holy Spirit?  The Holy Spirit is the overlooked, forgotten God.  He’s the “God I never knew.”  Which is too bad.  Not for the Holy Spirit, but for us.  The Holy Spirit is the spiritual fuel for the Christian life, and so much more.  Without the Spirit, we (at best) sputter along.  Without the Spirit, we live timid, tired, tangled lives. 

With the Spirit, ordinary people are able to do extraordinary things and live extraordinary lives.  It’s time we got to know the God we don’t know.  Our lives may never be the same again.  


Many of us have moments and memories from our past that have shaped our lives and how we live today. Being at summer camp, your middle school valentine’s day dance, graduation day, or even the day you got engaged.   

Some of these moments are snapshots we’d love to go back and re-live in an instant…and others…are memories you’re still trying to find a way to delete from your memory. 

Now let’s be honest, for as much as memories are windows into our past…they have the tendency to trap us, making us stuck in our past. And when that happens we can’t see any of what God is doing in our present reality.

So my friends, join us for this Memorial Day weekend as we, together, discover how to free ourselves from our past and see God is doing a new thing in all of our lives. 

Because Of You

What do God’s people do in response to the great things He’s done?  We P-A-R-T-Y!  We celebrate.  We raise the roof in praise.  Will you join us this weekend as we bring this church year to a close?  We have lots of surprises and inspiration in store…DON’T MISS IT!  

What Keeps You Up At Night?

It’s easy to feel paralyzed by uncertainty.  So much of life is “up in the air” and seemingly out of our control.  Which is why insecurity harasses us and worry hounds us.  And it’s why we find ourselves far too often struggling to fall asleep at night. 

How do we replace our anxiety with confidence?  How do we learn to truly trust God when it comes to the future, our kids, and the messed up world we live in? 

Join us for “What Keeps You Up At Night?” as we explore what it looks like to push through our fears and put our faith in God.  

What Would Jesus Say To...?

The New Testament (specifically Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) captures the teachings of Jesus.  Through his closest followers, what Jesus said has been recorded.  What we find is that Jesus spoke to a wide range of people in the 1st century—from the down and out to the rich and famous.  He spoke to kings and crooks.  Prostitutes and priests.  But what if Jesus showed up today?  What might he say to us…and to those making headlines today?  Join us this April for WHAT WOULD JESUS SAY TO…?   

Easter at Crossroads

We are curious by nature. Just ask Siri. She tackles 99,000 questions per minute. Or, turn to Google, which receives 40,000 search queries each second (that's 3.5 billion searches a day).
Yet, as the song says, "We still haven't found what we're looking for." No offense, Siri and Google...but our ultimate quest as humans is beyond your pay grade! 
The good news is there is Good News!

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Dangerous Prayers

Prayers aren’t empty words hurled at the sky. They’re conversations—in fact, they’re the most important conversations of our lives. So what are you saying? What are you asking God for? What are you daring God to do in your life? Does it really matter…does God still reward audacious prayers like He did back in Biblical days?  Don't miss this 2-week series as we look at 2 of the most “dangerous” prayers in the Bible.  You never know what God might do!

Download Nathan Anderson's new song: "Search Me"

Getting There

Getting anywhere worth going is never easy.  Name a worthy destination—Glacier National Park (you have to drive through North Dakota!), the summit of Long’s Peak in Colorado (you have to climb 14,259 feet), the finish line of the Twin Cities Marathon (your body has to endure 26.2 miles)—all take tenacity.  What about our financial goals?  What does it take to get “there”?  To financial breathing room?  Financial savings?  Financial peace of mind?  Financial philanthropy?  Join us at Crossroads as we discover the path to financial freedom.  

The Elephant in the Family Room

Every family’s got ‘em – an “issue” or two that everyone knows about, but no one talks about. And since no one dares address the issue, over time it grows bigger and bigger.  It becomes the proverbial “elephant in the family room”...big, hairy, smelly, and obtrusive.  What would it look like to have the courage to finally face your elephant for the sake of your family?  Join us for our winter series, The Elephant In The Family Room. 

All I Want For Christmas Is...

So…what do you want for Christmas this year?” Wise shoppers ask that question to those they shop for. They’ve learned it’s the key to seeing smiles (not frowns) when the gifts are opened. Wise people, however, know that what they really want for Christmas isn’t found on Amazon and can’t be charged to their American Express card. Our needs are much deeper than getting our own drone. In the midst of a broken world, chaotic schedules, dysfunctional families, and personal failure, we long for something else.