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Lost In Translation

Who doesn’t love Christmas? Office parties, gift giving, tree trimming, colorful lights, family gatherings, mistletoe, Santa, caroling, and cookies! Oh yea, then there’s Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus.

Do you ever find it all kind of…confusing? Do you ever wonder if over the years the message of Christmas has been “lost in translation?” That its message has become muddled? Come along as we go back and re-tell the original story. It will be “The Best Christmas Message You’ve Never Heard.”

Route 66

We’re going to journey through all 66 books of the Bible in a series we’re calling Route 66. This series is all about taking an in-depth look at the “Book of Books”—it’s stories, characters, principles, and unifying message.

How does the Bible fit together? How can something so old speak to my life today? Hop in and journey with us as we take in the scenes of God’s original Route 66.

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Be Do Go

At Crossroads we want to change the world by becoming a movement of Jesus-like people doing Jesus-like stuff. Our movement will only be as strong as the people who make up Crossroads Church. The more “like Jesus” we become and the more “Jesus-like stuff” we do, the greater the impact in the world. So…how do we become like Jesus in our character and conduct?

Answer: By prioritizing our lives around 3 simple words:

It All Adds Up

Most people struggle with math. Like former major league baseball great Mickey Rivers who said that “Pitching is 80% of the game—the other half is hitting and fielding.” Certain things just don’t add up.

The Bible is full of seemingly random numbers and equations that on the surface don’t seem to add up. God’s math is…different. Funny. Strange. But as we’ll see in this series, God’s math always adds up to something good.

Story Tellers

Jesus told stories because he knew their power. Listening to good stories can define us, refine us, and empower us to become everything God designed us to be. But listening to bad stories has the exact opposite effect. What kinds of stories have you been listening to? The genius of Jesus is that he could spin everyday stories into timeless truths that transform those who take the time to listen.

So You're Dead... Now What?

Since the death rate still hovers at 100% it makes sense to think about what happens to us AFTER we die. Like a candle, do we just “go out” and exist no more? Do we live on somewhere after we die? Is there really a heaven and a hell…and if so, who ends up where? Great questions. Thankfully, the Bible has a lot to say about them all.


Why talk about s-e-x in church? Because it’s about the ONLY place it’s not being talked about. Ironically, God invented sex and God has a lot to say about this gift of intimacy. It’s time to hear what God has to say. Kids, teens, and adults will learn about sex—the only question is—from whom? We think it’s time to let God speak. What HE says about sex may surprise you!


Awakening. Jesus came to earth to trigger an awakening… to wake up "dead" people… people who are only half-alive… people who have a pulse but not much more… people living in a tomb of fear or guilt or despair. Jesus rose so we can rise up and find life in him. Everything he touches turns to life. Will you allow him to touch your life this Easter? Do you want to wake up?


Balance is a beautiful thing. Life works better when we’re balanced. Today, one of the hardest balancing acts is with our finances. Keeping upright in these economically depressed days is challenging. It takes more than wishful thinking (“It’ll all work out somehow”). That’s why our focus will be on becoming balanced with our bucks! What we’re going to discover is that God’s way trumps Donald’s way any day of the week.

The Me I Want To Be

Have you ever wanted to be different? Have you ever truly tried to be better than you are right now? We all struggle to be the Me I Want to Be. In this message series at Crossroads Church we explore the secrets to unlocking our true potential through faith in Christ and community.


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