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Undercover God

Ever wonder why it’s not easier to “find” God? God could’ve made it easier. He could’ve arrived on that first Christmas in such a way (blinding light, booming voice) that no one would have missed him. Instead, he arrives incognito. In disguise. As a baby. Undercover. It was all so…ordinary. So…un-God-like. His birth place was a smelly stable. His cradle was a feeding trough. His nursery mates had 4 legs. His majestic voice came in the sound of a helpless, piercing cry. God showed up and most of the world missed him, too consumed with their own pursuits.

Maybe they were looking in the wrong places. Or maybe they weren’t really looking for him at all…Because what’s clear about Christmas is that He wants to be uncovered.

Your Move

Throughout our lives, we are confronted with decisions we never anticipated having to make: relationship decisions, career decisions, financial decisions, parenting decisions, and the list goes on and on.

So, what do you do when it's your move and you aren't sure what to do? In this series we will be looking at four powerful questions that will help you determine how to make the best decision possible.

Connecting The Dots

As human beings, we do many things to make sense of the things that happen to us. For most of us, we have a tendency to connect the dots of our lives in such a way that we make the dots all about us.

But what if our lives really aren't about us? What if we aren't even the ones who ultimately connects the dots? What if they aren't even out dots to begin with?

These are the questions we will examine as we take a look at one of the greatest characters in the Bible - Esther. Her story will help us figure out what our life means as we begin correctly "Connecting the Dots."

Death by Suburbia

We all love living in the "burbs". It's the American dream. But it does have its dangers. This series will take a discerning look at some of those dangers - of how a suburban mindset and lifestyle can actually be detrimental to our faith and well-being of our families.


God wants to take us somewhere. What was true for God's people of old is also true for us today: To get where God wants you to go, you have to get your feet wet. As the Israelites had to walk across the Jordan River before they could arrive at their Promised Land, God still calls his people to enter the unknown.

In this series called Crossings, we will look across the river at our "Promised Lands" and identify what is keeping us from going there

The Fall

Falling is a part of being human. In this message, Pastor Jonna helps us to see, from God's perspective, what it looks like for us to fall gracefully.

Big Deal

Do you ever wonder what God gets excited about? Well, according to Micah 6:8, God gets fired up about his plan for this world. It is a plan to right wrongs, undo disasters, and make our earth look a lot more like His heaven.

God's strategy for making this plan a reality has three parts and involves partnering with us in a very personal way. Join us as we look at God's once-in-a-lifetime invitation.

Put Me In The Game

You've been training. You've been preparing. Now you are sitting on the bench, toe tapping in anticipation, waiting for your opportunity to play. The coach finally walks over to you and asks, "Are you ready?" Your immediate response should be, "Put me in the game!" This response is important for the football field and it is just as crucial on the field of faith as well.

When God tells us there is a position he wants us to fill, how do we respond? With hands raised and voice loud, our response in that moment should be, "Put me in the game." But many times, for many reasons, many people never stand up off the bench and step out onto the field.

Modern Family

The American family is not what it once was (we are so “beyond” the Brady Bunch). Life as a family now looks different than ever before.

In “Modern Family” we will look at some of the challenges facing families today, and seek counsel from God’s Word as we face these challenges. Whether you are single, married, divorced, highly functional or completely dysfunctional, this series will speak to you!

The Day Death Died

Death. He was born in the Garden of Eden. Ever since then he’s been our nemesis. Every obituary in the newspaper, every procession of hearse-led cars, and every hospital is his subtle reminder that he’s coming. And then came Easter. Something happened on that Sunday. Death…died. Oh, he’s still around to scare us, but his power over us has been broken.

What does all this mean? Join us as we celebrate "The Day Death Died"


Highway guardrails are good things. They keep us in bounds. They exist for our protection. They say, "Don"t go there...stay back." Personal guardrails are even better. That's why God's Word is full of guardrails...principles that protect us, prosper us, and provide navigational wisdom as we travel through life.

Ignore them and we flirt with disaster. Pay attention to them and we avoid life's greatest regrets. Join us as we look at God's guardrails in the Book of Proverbs.

Life Apps

Unapplied paint is like unapplied truth--it benefits no one. God has given us principles and truths to live by. Not to just read or memorize or to gather with others and discuss (all those things are very, very good)...but to apply in all of life. In this series we're going to look at 4 "apps" that God clearly wants us to implement in our lives. Apps that will change us and make us more like Christ.


The past can haunt us. Sometimes it can take a hold of us and prevent us from ever moving forward into the future. Is it possible to remake your past? Do we get any “do-overs” in life? What good is our past and what does it have to do with our future? In this message we explore the past and the future with the Apostle Paul..


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