The Look of Hope

Christmas at Crossroads

The Christmas story.  It’s like a Thomas Kinkade holiday snow globe.  Shake it and the snow particles gently float in the air.

It’s so blissful.  So idyllic.  You have a shining star.  Barn animals.  A baby cooing in a manger. Guests bearing gifts.  Could it be any more peaceful?

OR, could it be any more perplexing?  What’s this story really all about?

The Christmas story is actually part of a much bigger story.  A story that explains everything.  A story that changes everything.  A story that we can actually find ourselves in.

Jesus and People

When Jesus came onto the scene, religious complexity ruled the day.  The Pharisees and other leaders had come up with 613 laws for the Jewish people to try to follow.  Jesus changed that.  He boiled down the hundreds of Mosaic laws to 2 things—love God with the entirety of your being, and love your neighbor as you love yourself.

At Crossroads, we want to keep things simple too.  That’s why we’ve boiled down what we’re all about to 3 words:  JESUS AND PEOPLE.  Why Jesus and people?  What does that mean?  How do I fit it?  Am I in the right church?  Check out our three part sermon series to learn more!

Unlikely Heroes

The Bible is full of heroes…men and women who changed the world. And more often than not, they fall into the category of “unlikely hero”. God didn’t choose them because they were in the gifted and talented program, or because their peers voted them most likely to succeed. Nor did God give them the nudge because they were close to being sinless or perfect. Far from it. Yet in spite of their past, doubts, fears, and struggles, they had just enough faith to step out and obey God’s call to make a difference. Will we do the same? Will we be open to God’s promptings? Will we be one of God’s unlikely heroes?

I Have A Friend Who...

Odds are you have some friends. And if you do, the odds are really good that you have a friend who’s dealing with something difficult. Maybe you have a friend who worries all the time. Or a friend who has doubts about God. Or a friend who’s been burned or hurt by the church. Or a friend whose life is falling apart. Or a friend who ___________. What do you say or do to help? At Crossroads, we want to partner with you in being a good friend. Join us for I HAVE A FRIEND WHO…(and don’t forget to bring that friend!)

This Week... This Weekend

There are times when catastrophic things happen during the week that demand our attention on the weekend.  At Crossroads, we are committed to speaking into those moments from a Biblical or Christian perspective.  We are calling these unique weekends, “This Week…This Weekend.” This week it was the senseless killing of 59 people by a lone gunman in Las Vegas.  Add to that tragedy the recent earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding, and acts of terrorism, and questions surface.  Questions like:  What in the world is going on?  What in the world is wrong with this world?  And…where is GOD in it all?  IF God is all-loving, all-powerful, and all-good, why do these kinds of tragedies happen with such regularity? Lots of questions.  

It's Time

Paul, the apostle who wrote much of the New Testament, calls us as followers of Jesus to—“Live wisely among those who are not believers, and make the most of every opportunity” (Colossians 4:5). Make the most of every opportunity. As in… seize opportunities to make a difference. As in… seize opportunities to point those outside the faith to Jesus. Opportunities, like sunsets, are missed if we wait too long. A big one is coming up. You won’t want to miss it. It’s time.

25 Year Celebration

This weekend we are having a P.A.R.T.Y. We are celebrating our lead pastor, Phil Print, and his 25 years of leading here at Crossroads church. We cannot wait to celebrate and look back at all God has done and look forward because we believe the best is yet to come. This will be a weekend for the ages! #BringBackTheMustachePhil

Thank God It's Monday

Check this out, did you know that Americans spend about 1/3 of their lifetime working in or outside the home? Recent studies have shown that a staggering 70% of people are unhappy and disengaged from their jobs. For a lot of us, we dread going to work, or it's what defines us. It's where they find their self-worth. Some view work as a curse. For others, work defines who they are. It is how they validate their worth. But what if our Monday to Friday lives had more meaning than we give them credit? What if what happened at church on the weekend didn't stay on the weekend?

Next Gen For The Win

The Silent Generation. Baby Boomers. Generation X. The Millennials. Generation Z. Every generation has name. Every generation is unique. And every generation matters to God. At Crossroads, we want to invest in the next generation. We want those coming after us to know God’s story and find their place in God’s story. In short, we want the “next gen to win”…to grow up and go out and change their world. Join us for Next Gen For The Win!

On The Grill

Ready to throw some food on the grill?  Nothing better!  We’re going to do more than throw meat on the grill at Crossroads this summer.  We’re going to allow God’s Word to “grill us” as we go through the New Testament book of James.  This book was written to a first century church struggling with the same things we are—living an authentic faith when the heat of trials, temptations, and testing are upon us.  Join us for this sizzling, faith-stretching summer adventure!

First Love

What do kindergarten, Ephesus and love have in common? We will look back, consider
and take inventory of the current state of our hearts. Just as Jesus called the Ephesians back to their first love, He calls us back to Him, our first love.

One More

Our nation is at a crossroads.  Political, racial, and economic divides are widening. We are now the un-united states of America.  Add to that is the seemingly narrowing influence of the Church.  3,500 people are walking away from the Church each day in the U.S.  Over 4,000 churches are closing yearly in our country.  What will we do?  Sit on the sidelines or step into the margins?  Will we complain or work for change?  We will we be part of the problem or part of the solution?  Join us as we make every effort to make a difference for ONE MORE! 

Easter at Crossroads

Unlike any other religion, Christianity is based on an event in history. 

It rises or falls on one thing - Jesus' supposed resurrection. If true, Jesus is in a class all by himself. If not, Jesus was an impostor and Christianity is a sham.  

Jesus himself claimed he would die and come back to life. So... did he? Or was the resurrection the "fake news" of the 1st century?

Join us for Easter at Crossroads as we look for answers.


Webster's has now sanctioned truthiness with two definitions: "truth that comes from the gut, not books"; and, "the quality of preferring concepts or facts one wishes to be true, rather than concepts of facts known to be true".  The idea behind “truthiness” is that actual facts are irrelevant. What matters is how we feel since people, not reality, are the final arbiters of truth.

The Why:  In our culture, religion and morality have been relegated to the category of subjective preference rather than objective truth. Truth is considered less important than how something makes us feel.

How should we respond to this confusion? Should we stop proclaiming Jesus as the truth?

Is reality up for grabs? Is “truth” that which gets the most likes/shares on Facebook?

Hard Candy

As you read through the teachings of Jesus, you’ll see that he said some harsh stuff. Severe stuff like “hate your parents” or “sell everything you own” or “gouge out your lustful eye.”  Not only are these sayings confusing, but they’re also hard to swallow.  Which is why we’re going to take 6 weeks to unwrap the hard sayings of Jesus in our new series, Hard Candy. 

Address The Mess

Each of us have been in, are in, or, are only one decision away from a mess.  And, the truth is, while each of our messes might be different — financial, academic, vocational, relational, just to name a few — the good news is that our messes actually bring us closer together.  In fact, your mess has the power to pull you closer to God.  So, join us as we take four weeks to Address The Mess and uncover its meaning in our lives.

Wait For It

We’re all waiting for something. For some “it”.

Christmas is a season of anticipation. Gifts will soon be opened. Family gatherings will soon take place. Galloping about will soon be put on hold. But then what? Will anything change?

The gifts under the tree…the gathering around the table…the break from galloping about…all good things. But the truth is, they’re not enough. We wait for something else. We wait for the day we can say, “My wait is over.”

Wishful thinking? We think not.