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As you read the Bible you find out in a hurry that a guy named David is a big deal.  He’s mentioned 660 times in 66 different chapters.  We know him as a shepherd boy, giant slayer, musician, leader, poet, and king.  We also know him as a murderer, adulterer, and fugitive.  For every Goliath in David’s story, there’s a Bathsheba right around the corner.

David is the Bible’s famously flawed hero.  A walking paradox.  Defective yet devoted.  Deficient yet resilient.

His legacy, though, is that he goes down in history as “a man after God’s heart”.  David’s heart, far from perfect, always circled back to His God.  In spite of his sin and failure, David’s life was one of “God-ward” movement.  And that’s our goal as we study David’s life this fall…that the trajectory of our lives would be the same.