We live in a viral culture.  Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter have made our world smaller than ever before.  What happens at this moment in Minnesota, can instantly be shared, viewed, and discussed around the globe.  This is our world in 2012.  Amazingly, things were similar in Jesus' day.  Different but similar.  In the first century, good stories were spread like wildfire from family to family, village to village, by people talking to each other face to face in what we now call the "oral tradition."  Imagine that, people actually talked to each other and told stories!  And this is precisely how the message of Jesus first spread across the Roman Empire. 

Last weekend, 96 middle schoolers explored this viral message of Jesus and why we must take it viral today.  It was an amazing winter retreat despite no snow! The kids were awesome and God moved in huge ways!  And today, over 80 high schoolers are also retreating up to camp to again explore this viral faith of ours. Please pray that our students truly take Jesus viral in their schools, homes, and neighborhoods.

One.eighty does not meet this Sunday at the Woodbury Campus, but HangTime does meet on Wednesday as does Fusion in Eagan.

Have a great weekend and don't forget to go viral...