Needs/Care Ministries

There comes a time when we all need a little help from someone.  Sometimes that means a pastor, a visit, a meal, or a prayer.  Other times it means resources, movers, maintenance, or someone to talk to. Crossroads wants to support our community and those who call Crossroads home.  Crossroads has amazing teams of people who know that each of us need a little help from our friends. God has blessed us with many talents and resources and we want to share those gifts with others. Our Care Ministry Teams do just that! We want to see each of us cared for by each other.

Whether you are looking to get married, plan a funeral, or just get some advice from a trusted counselor, we have resources for you! 

We know that people's spiritual and physical needs are tied together. This is why the ministries we have are committed to sharing God's love and truth in ways that meet the needs of the whole person. 

Our teams, made up of volunteers who enjoy helping others, are available to our members, attendees, and their friends and family. In fact, they are available to anyone.

Needs Request Form

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